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Legal Services: Rafferty Legal

Jessica Rafferty and Dennis Rafferty

Jessica Rafferty and Dennis Rafferty

Attorneys and Co-Founders

1600 Lincoln Avenue, Latrobe, PA 15650

Phone: 724-520-2222

Fax: 724-610-9410

Meet the Team
Legal Services: Estate Planning, Probate  and Elder Law

Legal Services: Estate Planning, Probate  and Elder Law

The father-daughter team of Dennis Rafferty and Jessica Rafferty knows the importance of family.  For more than 15 years, they have worked together to fight for families in Westmoreland County. That is why they were so passionate about creating a firm that focuses on what matters most: your family.   

Rafferty Legal is dedicated to helping clients from all walks of life with their Estate Planning,  Probate & Estate Administration,  Elder Law and Real Estate needs.  Dennis and Jessica will work hand-in-hand with you to help you protect your assets, provide for your loved ones, and leave a legacy. 

They understand that everyone’s family is different, and that each family has unique needs. Your plan should reflect your family’s values and wishes. If you get a generic estate plan, it will likely fail when you and your family need it most - leading to costly legal battles, increased taxes, and family conflict. 

When you work with Rafferty Legal, they won’t just create a set of documents for you.  They will collaborate with our wealth management team to assess the options that best meet your needs and protect your assets at every stage of your life.  They will create a plan to save you and your loved ones money and provide those reading your plan with a very clear understanding of your wishes. It is your legacy and Rafferty Legal will help you create it. 

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You are under no obligation to use the services of Rafferty Legal , and may choose any qualified professional to provide legal services. Rafferty Legal and their services are not affiliated with LPL Financial and SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management.