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Our Wealth Management Process


Living Life By Design

At SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management, our team is committed to inspiring big picture thinking and

fostering long term relationships. We uphold the responsibility of managing our clients’ finances with

passion and seek to cultivate deeper relationships with the individuals that we serve, more than simply

coordinating assets in their portfolio. We want to truly get to know you – we assess and advise your

financial health not just through the analysis of reports, but the living details of your specific circumstances.

ASPIRE, our Wealth Management Process, is a personal approach to crafting a detailed plan for you.

Through a series of discovery appointments, we will guide you through the phases of our process carefully

designed to ignite your imagination to the possibilities of a comprehensive wealth management plan. If

you can dare to dream of the life you wish to live, together we can aspire to put a plan into motion to help

you pursue true fulfillment by living your life by design, rather than default.

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Here at SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management, we take pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our firm is comprised of a wealth management team, paraplanning team and support staff who all work together to create a meaningful experience for our client family. We feel it is essential in building trust to truly get to know each other. Through your first interactions with our office, you will meet various members our team discover the culture we strive to offer those we serve. This initial impression will give you a sense of how we engage with our clients and provide the necessary interaction to determine whether our firm is the right fit for you.

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Where there is vision there is hope. During this phase, you will meet with your Wealth Management Team and begin to visualize your future. In moving through discussions of your vision and dreams, we work together to build your holistic portrait of values and priorities. Life milestones such as birth, marriage and loss of a loved one all play into your story from a wealth, tax and estate planning perspective. As a comprehensive financial planning firm, our goal is to craft a plan accounting for the "big picture" of your short and long term priorities.

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Now that you have dared to visualize the life you wish to live it is time to mobilize our collective years of experience and education and initiate the building of WealthVision - your personal roadmap to the life you have envisioned. We will assess your risk tolerance score, evaluate your current probability of achieving your priorities and illustrate our recommended courses of action. This personalized online wealth management portal will allow you to continuously monitor your holistic financial position.

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Success cannot be achieved by visualizing and planning alone. While those components are essential, dreams and plans need strategized action. Our firm proudly maintains independence free from the constraints of corporate proprietary products and sales quotas. We consider investment options as specific tools used to pursue certain objectives rather than products made available for purchase. As a fiduciary in advisory relationships, your Wealth Management Team upholds your best interest in collaborating to build and present the intended strategies we recommend to put your personalized plan in motion, incorporating the types of investments and accounts determined to best pursue your goals.

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Our journey doesn't end here, we are just getting started! Analysis is an ongoing process and involves a mutual commitment to maintain open communication and engagement. During your regularly scheduled Financial Physicals, you can count on your Wealth Management Team for continuous evaluation of your evolving situation as your life changes throughout the journey. We hope to serve as a stabilizing force for you in times of fear and an encouraging voice in times of adventure. United in purpose, our whole team works together to provide you with an ensemble of wisdom and support, aspiring to guide your efforts toward discovering your own definition of true wealth and happiness.

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The SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management culture flourishes on communication, collaboration, creativity and commitment. We thrive on the familial relationships that we form with our clients and strive to cultivate meaningful experiences for you and your family through continued engagement at both educational and celebratory events throughout the year. Believing in the power of connecting you to other local resources and professionals, we collaborate within the community to develop a collection of educational opportunities to expand your knowledge and improve your overall financial and personal well-being. We also value the opportunity to celebrate life with you and look forward to the moments when we have the honor of commemorating your achievements.

Life is a journey, we look forward to being

By Your Side Through It All.