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Our Client Bill of Rights 

At SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management, the relationships we have with our clients are the lifeblood of our existence.  We seek to establish and foster mutually beneficial relationships built upon our core values of Faith, Empowerment and Respect.  Rooted in this expectation is the fact that every SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management client has both important rights and responsibilities.  To ensure that every client is treated in a fair and ethical manner and that our firm is given what we need to perform to the high standards we expect of ourselves, we have made the following promises and requests through our Client Bill of Rights.


As a client of SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management, you have the right to:


  • Independent advice that is focused on your needs and free of bias towards proprietary products, the presentation of prepackaged ideas and adherence to corporate imposed sales quotas.
  • Access to a wealth management team, rather than a sole advisor, adhering to the fiduciary standard that collaborates to build our wealth management process, create solutions for our clients, draft financial and retirement plans and ultimately shares responsibility of the ongoing assessment of performance related to your investment strategy.
  • A relationship with a business continuation plan in the event of the long term loss of your representative on our wealth management team due to death, disability or retirement or short term leaves and vacations.  
  • An office that abides by best practices procedures in which prudent steps are taken to assure your data is protected from identity theft, orders are received by the appropriate account owner or designated responsible person via the proper communication medium.
  • A relationship with assurances of business continuity in the event of a natural disaster by maintaining proper backup of information, electronic storage of files, and web-based programs that would enable us to manage your accounts and our relationship and communicate effectively with any necessary party from any location with internet connection.  
  • Have your privacy carefully guarded with assurances that your profile and portfolio information will not be provided to anyone outside the scope of those having duties and responsibilities related to our relationship.  
  • Ongoing monitoring of your portfolios and regular reviews of your financial plans and investment accounts to ensure all parties are on the same page as it relates to your risk tolerance, objectives, needs/wants, asset allocation and expectations.  
  • Communication that is of a timely response, empathetic to its importance and honest in its delivery.  
  • Receive accurate and timely statements related to your account(s).  
  • Be provided advice based on our wealth management team’s belief of its accuracy not on any presumed need to provide you with an answer or direction you wish to hear.  
  • Be treated with the utmost respect and integrity at all times.
  • Trust that your financial advisor representative of our wealth management team is knowledgeable, properly registered, and committed to continuing education in order to remain effective in their duties and knowledgeable of important developments that have the potential to impact you.
  • Understand the objectives of what our proposed solutions hope to achieve and to have that information explained in a manner that will result in your ability to make an informed decision.  
  • To accurate third party reporting of all accounts in which your statements are created and delivered that will provide details related to positions held, transaction summaries, and other pertinent information.  
  • To feel valued, not forgotten or lost within our busy days.  You do not create our work; you are the purpose of our work.  
  • You have a right to receive best execution in all that we do.  Portfolio transactions will be executed in a timely manner,at the best available price and with prompt communication to applicable third parties involved.  
  • To not be denied access to our services based solely on your religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or political views so long as your views do not impose a threat, are violent in nature or discriminatory to a member of our team.  
  • To a transparent relationship and to clearly know the costs for portfolio management, transactions and advisory services. All communications with the our team strives to be clear and concise. If you have a question, it is our duty to answer it to the best of our knowledge.


As a client of SecondHalf Coach Wealth Management, your responsibilities are:


  • Fully disclose accurate information about your financial status and investment objectives, including goals, risk tolerance and other pertinent details.
  • Immediately notify us of any changes in your financial situation, and of major life-events such as divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or other significant occurrence.
  • Ask any questions you have about recommendations we make.
  • Be honest with your advisor about any accounts or investments you have with another firm, or that you personally manage so they can be properly considered when advising you.  
  • Let us know if we fail to meet your expectations in any way, or if you don’t understand or agree with any actions we take.
  • Discuss your feelings with your representative of our wealth management team should you find yourself in a situation in which you may be making decisions based on emotion rather than logic.  
  • Inform us if you do not understand or are not comfortable with any or all strategies, investments, risks, costs and fees associated with your accounts.
  • Read all sales literature, disclosures, and prospectuses provided to you.
  • Make best effort to respond to our requests for information in a timely manner so that we can best serve you.  
  • Make an effort to adhere to your agreed upon review meeting schedule to assure everyone is on the same page.  Remember, it’s not your job to be the “doctor” but to be a good “patient”.
  • Treat our team members with respect and to communicate with them in a calm, clear and professional manner to ensure their continued comfort being in your presence.  
  • Present yourself at our office and at events in a clean and suitable manner paying the same respect to other guests that you would bestow upon on team.