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We all know we live in an era of information overload. This is an age where there is arguably more news coverage than ever before, but quality is questionable due to it being laced with bias and having a focus on ratings and revenue rather than accuracy and objectivity.

It is our hope and belief that the birth of GOAL Magazine will be identified as the day that proved information can be both valuable and interesting, and that people from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise can collaborate effectively and in a single voice, communicate the empowering winds of knowledge. It will also be identified as the day a collection of entrepreneurs came together to remind readers of the historical and future significance that entrepreneurship can be credited for our nation’s economic dominance and standards of living.

In addition to providing your expertise to the readers as a contributor, GOAL Magazine offers an elite networking opportunity. With the objective to have small businesses or entrepreneurs supporting one another, this magazine has become a great way to promote other professionals in different areas through print. Our core contributors have begun sending GOAL Magazine to their clients to further this endeavor. Included as a contributor, is the exposure via Facebook provided by GOAL Magazine.

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